• eMobilis is a duly registered college, vetted by the Government of Kenya
  • Mobile Application Development is a rare and valuable skill
  • We have over 5 years experience in the field of Mobile Technology training
  • Over 1200 students have already trained with us
  • Convenient location in Westlands
  • Highly affordable courses and availability of Merit Based Scholarships
  • Convenient training times for working IT Practitioners e.g. Saturday classes
  • Direct links to Industry- Operators, Handset Manufacturers, VAS Companies
  • Global partnerships through Infodev (World Bank Body)
  • To benefit from the explosive growth of the Telecommunications Industry in Kenya
  • To learn a useful programming skill in just 3-4 months that can enable you to earn money on a freelance basis e.g. contract mobile app development.

eMobilis Mobile Technology Institute prides itself in being a recognized leader in the provision of high quality training in Mobile Content Development and Wireless Cellular Technologies.

The Institute educates professionals and produces local talent that maintains and runs Networks, as well  as graduates capable of developing , testing, strengthening and scaling mobile applications that bring wide-ranging benefits to people across the globe.

The programs are based on the principle of work-integrated learning and entrepreneurship skills. That is, scholarly knowledge and professional skills are developed directly for a chosen career and the relevant work-place. To the extent possible, this is done in direct collaboration with employers and professional bodies.

This learning and teaching model is applied across the curriculum so that our graduates acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to operate professionally in the workplace with an understanding of the potential of Mobile Technology.

Every year we provide scholarship opportunities to several talented students. The purpose of the program is to enable talented students who are not financially stable to have access to an opportunity, to not only learn about the latest cutting edge Mobile Technology, but also be a part of its future definition.

Our approach to education ensures that not only do our youth get an opportunity to learn and participate in the deployment of breakthrough technology, but also that the students whom we educate, create further opportunities for those in their home towns and villages and this stimulates economic activity in our country.

Our teaching and learning emphasize flexible programs and flexible timings, student-centered learning and development of graduate qualities for successful employment. The Institute is the first Mobile Technology Institute in Sub Saharan Africa.

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