eMobilis MD - Ken Mwenda presents an award to the best student.

10 Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology students have released new applications targeted at Windows Phone users. The students underwent training by eMobilis, who offer training in mobile application development for various ecosystems. The applications were demonstrated over the weekend at the university's Juja campus in a mini-hackathon. eMobilis will later hold a hackathon that will highlight the best applications resulting from an ongoing series of Windows Phone development targeted at university students.

How much money and time would YOU save if you knew how to get from one part of the city to the other without any traffic jam? And how much does that translate to an entire country? Traffic Jam is the worst nightmare for commuters and motorists in the city of Nairobi. Kenya alone is losing 50M a day due to traffic and the associated inconvenience. This is because we are driving into impassable sections of the road blindly and hours later, we are very late for work, our productivity lowered. We are also wasting so much time asking around to get to our next destination and the sad part is, the government doesn’t know some of these things are happening to adequately plan and design the roads.

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