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Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Services:

• Social Media Marketing

• Email Marketing

• Graphic Design

• Content creation & Moderation

Digital Marketing
Back Office and Data Processing:

• Transcription

• Data Entry & Enrichment

• Content Moderation

• Writing & translation

• Virtual Assistant Services

Digital Marketing
Natural Language Processing:

• Information Extraction Models

• Natural Language Generation

• Machine Translation

Digital Marketing
Training and Consultancy Services:

• Training in Mobile App & Web Development.

• Consultancy in Mobile App & Web Development.

• Digital Skills training.

Digital Marketing
Software Development Services:(SDAAS)

• Mobile App Development

• Web Development

• Technical consultancy

• Custom software Development

Digital Marketing
Computer Vision:

• Instance Segmentation

• Sensor Fusion Annotation

• Lidar and Radar Annotation

• Data annotation (Video and image)

About Us

eMobilis BPO is a leading provider of IT-enabled services, specializing in delivery of customized solutions to local and global organizations focusing on outsourcing their business processes. With our headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya and a decade-long experience, we offer high-quality, cost-effective services tailored to your unique requirements. By outsourcing your business processes to us, you eliminate the expenses and challenges of managing a workforce, while gaining access to a dedicated team that ensures seamless collaboration and efficient workflow management. Our skilled and experienced professionals deliver digital and digitally enabled solutions through our agile and scalable processes while identifying unique opportunities for process optimization. Choose eMobilis BPO to streamline your operations, benefit from technology, and empower women and the young people through our social impact -driven approach.

Why Choose Us

Why eMobilisBPO?

• Dedicated workforce working towards a common goal

• 24 hour operational shift maximizing productivity and efficiency

• Research driven and Consultative mindset to ensure optimal outcomes

• Social Impact driven promoting socio economic independence

• Access to flexible expertise of specialized professionals

• Agility and scalability to meet your business growth needs

Why Kenya as your Outsourcing Destination?

• English is a primary language for seamless communication.

• High literacy rate and skilled workforce.

• Younger population with fresh perspectives and adaptability.

• Superior internet speeds 4G/5G for efficient online collaboration.

• Geographical diversity for distributed operations and risk mitigation.


• Cost efficiency for reduced operational costs.

• Access to expertise on business needs for optimal efficiency.

• Focus on core competencies, freeing up resources for core company programs/projects

• Time Savings to improve productivity and project turnaround.

• Enhanced Customer Service to improve support and satisfaction