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HTML 5 and CSS3

Learn modern HTML5, CSS3 and web design by building stunning websites

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If you want to make web pages, start a career in web design, web development or even web journalism, the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is a must have.

HTML is the foundation of all web pages. It defines the structure of a page, while CSS defines its style. HTML and CSS are the beginning of everything you need to know to make your first web page!

This course costs Ksh 18,000

It will take one month to complete

Registrations are Ongoing.

Build Multiple High Quality Website & UI Projects

Flexbox & CSS Grid

Advanced positioning of elements with CSS

Website Hosting & Deployment With FTP & Git

Become fluent in the toolchain supporting React, including NPM, Webpack, Babel, and ES6/ES2015 Javascript syntax

HTML5 Semantic Layout & CSS Fundamentals

CSS Variables, Transitions, Dropdowns, Overlays & More

Explore the newest HTML5 techniques for mobile-devices

Create your own mobile web apps with hardware and offline access.

Important CSS concepts such as the box model, positioning schemes, inheritance, solving selector conflicts, etc..

How to make websites work on every possible mobile device (responsive design).

Developer skills such as reading documentation, debugging, and using professional tools

Git and Github.

No technical background requirements, we will take you step-by-step to expert level.

Desire to learn

Be ready to learn an insane amount of awesome stuff

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