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45 Most Influential Women In Digital Transformation - CIO

Women In Digital Transformation

CIO highlighted and appreciated women in the Technology space focusing on women in the Digital Transformation space. According to Gartner, Digital Transformation can refer to anything from IT modernization to digital optimisation, to the invention of new digital business models. This became more popular after the pandemic due to remote and hybrid working spaces.

CIO looked at women who fell into the below categories:

  • Leader who directly contributes to the growth and strategic direction of their organisation
  • A woman who has continually driven innovation and inspires the wider tech community.
  • Role model who inspires a new generation of women in technology
  • A woman who has contributed to the general development of the ICT sector.
  • A woman whose doors have opened for over the past year owing to her overall contribution to the tech community and industry in 2021.

Kenya had a list of 45 women, Kenya had a representation of 20 women making great strides in the Digital Transformation sector.

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