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Ambani's Story

Ambani Tonbruckson Kibisu

Covid-19 left marks of untold stories in the hearts of many people both individually and communally. For Ambani Tonbruckson Kibisu, a 21-year-old student and an Ajira Club champion at Technical University of Mombasa, is an indelible mark of trauma as a result of losing his own father to the covid-19 monster in 2020.  Being the only son in a family of 13 siblings he needed to fit in the shoes of his late father to be the father-figure that his sisters looked up on.

This young man from Nandi Hills had to carve a way of survival to ease the financial burden from her mother who now had to raise the family single-handedly upon the loss of her husband.

After joining Technical University of Mombasa, he was keen to identify an income generating activity to sustain his upkeep at the campus and eventually be able to pay his own school. He started off with doing small projects on Freelancer platform with an aim to make enough money to procure Writing account which would have costed him about KSh 25,000. Fortunate for him he discovered a life changing opportunity through his friend Vinnie Crazah who introduced him to Ajira Digital during the time when Young Africa Works had visited the University early in the month of April this year. He enrolled and completed training and mentorship in Data Entry and landed his first gig on Upwork after bidding for some time. His first gig of web development paid $150 dollars which he supplemented ksh 15,000 made earlier from Freelancer to buy an incubator where he has engaged his cousin who was jobless at the time to operate. Currently, he is rearing over 500 chicken hatched from the project and continues to sell chicks and eggs to generate income to support his siblings. In parallel, he continues to deliver projects on Up work and is able to make money to sustain his campus upkeep.  He believes with time he will be able to make enough money to pay his university fees and expand the business.

Tonbruckson is truly advancing his father’s legacy by offering provision, protection and leadership the Family.

He urges young men and women across the country to explore available opportunities especially on www.ajiradigital.go.ke to get started with digital and digitally-enable work opportunities.