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Shattering gender boundaries within the ICT sector

At eMobilis, our desire is to shatter gender boundaries within the ICT sector. This gave way to the creation of the MobiGirlz Programme.

The aim is to advance and mentor girls and young women who have a passion for technology, thus narrowing the female gender gap participating in technology and innovation.

Through this program, we have trained over 300 young women on full and partial scholarships in Software Development, Graphic Design and Digital Literacy . We have partnered with DotConnect, Advanta, Kenya National Human Rights Commission, Jaynnovate, Upscale Furnishings etc.

Recently, MobiGirlz organized a Virtual Meet and Greet Webinar where 80 young women joined the call. The speakers consisted of MobiGirlz alumni who spoke about their tech journey, tech communities to join and their experience in the Program. The main aim of the webinar was to form a community where the young women could share their ideas, tech opportunities and seek out mentorship. The Slack and WhatsApp community formed now has over 100 young women and a Committee is being formed that will help organise events.

MobiGirlz has partnered with Women Techmakers Nairobi to celebrate International Women’s Day on 17th and 18th March 2023. Women Techmakers have created  a “Dare to Be'' Campaign. Dare to be means to have the courage to try something new; to defy or challenge norms; to be brave and willing to take risks. MobiGirlz alumni will share their stories that will be highlighted on eMobilis and Women Techmakers social media pages.

On 18th March, MobiGirlz will have a chance to speak on the  impact of the program and invite an alumnus to speak about their tech journey, experience and how they have Dared to Be.