Technology Innovation Entrepreneurship @eMobilis


eMobilis Mobile Technology Institute, an established 10-year-old, award winning institution, duly registered with the Ministry of Education is looking to empower youth across East Africa through our full tuition scholarship for our Website Development, Python development android courses and others as a way to complement your skills as well as introduce you to emerging tech opportunities.

Who Qualifies

Students interested in technology from WHO University and TVET programs must meet the following minimal standards.

Stable Internet Connectivity

Laptop/PC with at least 4GB RAM and st least 6th Gen Processor

2 months of dedication 4 hours daily

Students in their third or final year in a STEM field who have experience with ICT will have an advantage


Acquire marketable tech skills to compete globally.

Full scholarship to cover tuition.

A stipend to cover cost of data bundles for class will be provided.

Practical approach to learning by passionate Lecturers.

Prepare for the Future of Work and the Gig Economy.

Learn how to create dynamic websites through HTML5, CSS. You can also learn python, development and also data science..


Live virtual classes will be used for the practical instruction.

Four hours every day will be spent in class.

Please use this link to submit your application if you are interested: bit.ly/3pdz3dR.

Any questions may be sent to info@emobilis.org or called in at +254 71660 8086.